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Geographic Information System

The process of using a Geographic Information System in combination with Crime Analysis techniques to focus on the spatial context of criminal and law enforcement activity


Crime Mapping

GIS based Law Enforcement For Better Service Delivery To Citizens is for visualize and analyze crime hotspots, along with other trends and patterns.


Fleet Management

This includes Vehicle Tracking and Communication.
Track:Display the live location of the fleet in map.
Communication: Sending predefined Messages to the field resource.

Hotspot Analysis


This feature read crime data and analyze and identify area having more number of crimes. The identified area will be highlighted on the map as hotspots.

PIN Mapping


Allows users to dynamically create color-coded pin maps based on database attributes such as incident date, time, offense type, etc.



About Crime Mapping

GIS in crime Mapping.

GIS is an efficient tool for both the analysis and the mapping of crime activity. Crime mapping is a sub-discipline of geography that works to answer the question, “What crime is happening where?”

Crime Analysis

It focuses on mapping incidents, identifying hot spots where the most crime occurs and analyzing the spatial relationships of targets and these hot spots.

Statistical Analysis

It includes Non-Spatial analysis to view crime data as Reports, Graphs and Charts based on Category, Type, Period etc.

Spatial Search

It includes FIR Search, Query Builder, Buffer Search and Advanced Search based on the query given by the user.